The sustainability hub Econexus

Revolutionising Ecobusiness About Econexus Network

Econexus is a new style of business networking for a new way of doing business.

Econexus is not for everyone, and that's OK. It's for people with a vision of a sustainable economy. Econexus members want to make a positive impact more than making a profit. They value collaboration over competition. They want a business community that shares their journeys - in all their complexity - and supports them all the way.

Econexus communities are formed locally. Each community regularly schedule collaborative business networking events* and create opportunities to work together, including:

  • * Spotlight Collaborative problem-solving for every business
  • * Korero Open discussions for collective understanding
  • Time Bank Equitable skill trading within our community
  • Fresh Perspective In-depth business critique between members
  • Collective Power Shared events, marketing and resources
  • Econexus Kudos Welcome use of Econexus network branding